Video of Zuzana Kubíčková Couture 2019 show on MBPFW

The show took place during the Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week on the 3rd of September in the Rudolfinum. The combination of sophisticated architecture, elegance of a ballet performance and gentle garments met with enthusiastic acceptance. The collection is inspired by the boom of the period of optimism and belief in the future of the time when the Rudolfinum was founded. – all of which is reflected in a collection whose pieces are curious, beautiful and thought-provoking. The crystal components used throughout her creations reflect the light in the room with a fierce brilliance, while fur and feathers playfully dance around the models’ bodies. 

Such a magnificent collection could be created thanks to generous support of our partners. Preciosa has provided crystal stones and pearls, including Chaton rose MAXIMA crystals that reflect up to 264 rays of light and are the shiniest stones in their category in the world. The artistic ensemble of the National Theatre Ballet joined the dramaturgy of the show. The 15 members performed under the lead and choreography of first soloist Ondřej Vinklát and soloist Marek Svobodník.  The models were provided by Ely Management, the owner of the selective wedding boutique OUI Prague.